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Premium Thai Kratom Powder 1 ounce


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Product Information

The Monster is happy to add on another quality Kratom product to its inventory.

Real Powdered Thai Kratom is made from genuine Thai leaf. Imported Thai Kratom crushed leaf is grinded to powder on a weekly basis. This grinding in-house by our supplier ensures the freshest Kratom powder with the best aroma on the market. Our Kratom from Thailand is typically greener in color & stronger/heavier than other Kratom strains.

Let us explain how our Kratom differs from any other Kratom. Firstly, if you buy our Kratom powder you will receive the freshest, most rich, best Kratom on the market. Our supplier grinds to a powder on a twice weekly basis, our inventory is kept low so we always have Fresh Product on hand! You know the difference between fresh ground coffee and instant? Well it’s exactly the same with Kratom! If you have ever ground your own powder from crushed Kratom leaf at home using a coffee grinder, you will know that the color and aroma is in a completely different class. Compare this with powder that has been sitting on the shelf for months and you'll never turn back. We are proud to be one of the very few vendors in the USA to offer kratom for sale with a fresh grinding service.

Now for the informative section: Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a tree indigenous to Thailand, but can be found in many other areas of the world including Indonesia, Papa New Guiney, India and now USA , a result of many people growing their own Kratom plants. Kratom plants prefer loam rich, wet soil and are sensitive to frost. They can be grown easily indoors and make great house plants. Kratom trees can reach heights of over 50 feet and the flowers are rich yellow. If you want to buy kratom online, then look no further than The Monster! for the best prices and quality.

Also know as Ketum, Kakuam, Ithang and Thom; Mitragyna speciosa (Kratom) is a leafy tree that grows from 3-15 meters tall. It's leaves contain mitragynine and was traditionally chewed as an opiate substitute and stimulant in Thailand and South-East Asia.
The alkaloid content of the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa is about 0.5%, about half of which is mitragynine. An average leaf weighs about 1.7 grams fresh or 0.43 grams dried. Twenty leaves contain approximately 17mg of mitragynine. Always make sure you do buy Thai Kratom from a reputable supplier for the best quality.

Product Code: PREZTMYD27

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 4


This is an excellent product, everything you would want quality wise. It is highly priced in comparison to other good vendors. With a price change or even adding stronger extracts they make from the true leaves from their supplier, I think this site would become know as a top rated source. I would most definitely buy Kratom from this site only every time, if the price was a little more reasonable comparatively.

LM :: Sep 14 2010, 23:47 PM

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