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Salvia Divinorum: An Organic Approach to Healing

Salvia Divinorum also known as “Diviner's Sage”, was unheard of other than it's native region in Mexico until the 1960’s. Distinguished there as 'ska María Pastora' (plant of Mary the Shepherdess), this divine plant is regarded as the living form of the Virgin Mary, it's been used as a healing and divining means for hundreds of years by Shamans, who still utilize to inquire for ceremonial visions and in order to induce trance.
A large number of news articles within the last couple of years have swollen the misconception about this plant by saying that it quantifies a high that may be much more intense than LSD. That might be true, however the sensational content is misleading. Any herbalist will explain that lots of helpful herbal treatments produce adverse effects at high doses, and Salvia, for most of us, is not an exception. The truth is this ancient plant is not famously used as a party drug, rather, it's mainly utilized to explore deep meditative states, spiritual area, mysticism, the character of awareness and reality, and also the prospect of shamanistic healing or what is popular in today’s culture as alternative healing.

Satisfied users are among those people to caution that Lady Salvia will demand respect; large doses can sometimes be frightening. This is because Salvia Divinorum contains an exceptionally powerful consciousness altering components.  But before anyone should think of consuming this very potent drug, it is recommended to know exactly the adverse effects that are often tremendously frightening and can pose an impending cause for physical danger.  For instance, it can hamper with the ability to drive, and to some people it may cause hyper-activity while in a profound trance and possibly hurt themselves. Thus, it is highly recommended to secure a sitter for anyone in search of exploring such experience.

The steady and non-toxic effect will benefit individuals with depression and anxiety. Low doses calm your brain; promote more self examination and reframing of one’s thoughts.  This transformation of mindset might be beneficial because society and personal atmosphere most likely created the anxiety and depression to begin with. The point is, individuals with strong faith and focus are acknowledged to respond much better to stress factors in their lives.

Salvia Divinorum in most its forms and extracts is legal.  Fresh and dried leaves and seed products are available at botanical supply houses and on the internet. This plant is becoming immensely popular. Its qualities attract individuals who would like to go through the experience of much deeper meditation and psycho spiritual initiation that particular herb is known.


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