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Uses of Smoking Blends

Herbal smoking blends have been used for centuries. It was mainly used for ceremonial, religious and healing rituals.  During ancient times, people often used smoking blends to achieve ecstatic sensations, promote trance and visual imagery. Herbal blends are commonly used to induce euphoric sensations thus allowing the user to get into a trance-like state which is essential in fortune telling the future and also in distinguishing the past.

Smoking blends are not to be mistaken for marijuana.   Herbal smokes are a blend of quite a lot of aromatic plant and botanicals.  They are intended to supply a state of elevation or “high”.   Some of these herbs are very recognizable and can be found inside your cabinets.  These herbs are even used in cooking such as saffron, sage, licorice, and cinnamon yet some of them are used for ornamental purposes like wormwood, catmint, mugwort, woodruff, betony and blue lily.

Herbal blends are also used in aromatherapy treatment.  The smell of these blends helps to induce and atmosphere that promotes positive emotional  state.  This is because herbs used in smoking blends are proved to promote good health (it creates a feeling of repose and lifts up the mood) and also great in treating illnesses such as anxiety, sleeping disorders, loss of appetite and sinusitis.  Smoking blends are also good in relieving burns, cuts, boils and itchy skin.   Using smoking blends as incense generates special results in relieving the mind and body from stress, lifting the spirit and generally produces a positive outlook.      

Smoking blends have become progressively more popular for so many reasons.  The most apparent of course is that they are legal in the US and on many other countries.  The ill effects of tobacco smoking (due to the nicotine it possess) and the routine drug testing that most companies have directed their employees is another cause (herbal smoke reflect a negative result on drug tests). 


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